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15 inspirierende vegane Sprüche



Jeder liebt doch ab und zu ein paar Quotes, die aussagekräftig sind und vor allem: Ein Statement setzen! Und bei welchem Thema geht das besser, als bei der veganen Ernährung.

Wir haben für euch unsere 15 veganen Lieblingssprüche rausgesucht. Vielleicht inspirieren die Texte euch auch, vegan zu werden. Dann ist die Botschaft auf jeden Fall angekommen!

“It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.” -Joaquin Phoenix


“All life deserves respect, dignity, and compassion. All life.” -Anonymous


“If you think that being vegan is difficult, imagine being a factory farmed animal.” -Davegan Raza


“I don’t see why someone should lose their life just so you can have a snack.” -Russell Brand


“Animals are here with us, not for us.” -Anonymous



“One to change a few. A few to change many. Many to change the world. Starts with one.” -Anonymous


“My body will not be a tomb for other creatures.” -Leonardo Da Vinci


“Could you look an animal in the eyes and say to it, ‘My appetite is more important than your suffering’?” -Moby



“People eat meat and think they will become as strong as an ox, forgetting that the ox eats grass.” -Pino Caruso


“We all love animals. Why do we call some ‘pets’ and others ‘dinner?’” -K.D. Lang


“Cruelty is one fashion statement we can all do without.” -Rue McClanahan


“Animals are my friends. And I don’t eat my friends.” -George Bernard Shaw


“When I see bacon, I see a pig, I see a little friend, and that’s why I can’t eat it. Simple as that.” -Paul McCartney



“Every time sitting at a dining table, we make a choice. Please choose vegetarianism. Do it for the animals. Do it for the environment and for the sake of your own health.” -Alec Baldwin


“If you don’t like seeing pictures of violence towards animals being posted, you need to help stop the violence, not the pictures.”  -Johnny Depp


Wenn eure Favoriten nicht dabei sind, schreibt uns doch gerne! Wir freuen uns immer über neue Inspirationen!




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